Residential Security

Keeping You Safe

At Barrier Security, it is our priority to keep you and your loved ones protected. We make sure that your home and other properties are kept safe, not only from criminals, but from other elements as well. We use only modern, high speed equipment to securely protect and monitor your home.

Barrier Security offers a no cost home evaluation and we would like to talk about a security solution that would best fit your residential security needs. We have a variety of packages to choose from, depending on your home size, budget and requested features. The best part? It is an affordable way to keep your loved ones safe.

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Here are some other key benefits of home automation provided by Barrier Security:

  • Automatically lock the door when your system’s armed
  • Home lighting adjustments throughout the day
  • Reduce energy waste with smart schedules
  • Get an image alert whenever the from door opens
  • Protect your residential building with automatic systems arming